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One Pride Day in Toronto, I noticed a guy taking a million pictures of all the scandalous perverts, but pulling faces to clearly communicate his disapproval. Of course I had to photograph his performance. The moment he noticed, he rushed up and demanded I stop. I dedicate this to him and hope he found some kind of redemption in his collection of dirty, dirty pictures.

So, for your consideration, a set of illustrations taken from an encyclopaedic catalogue of human sexual diversity, chosen to poke at the way we run together moralizing with evidence-based medicine to produce ideas about what's healthy and what's criminal. Experts dissect and evaluate and problematize, religions vilify - and tourists walk around with cameras taking pictures and going EWWWWW!

This series is showing at garner narrative gallery in Louisville, KY, opening April 6 (6-9 pm) and running through May 25,.