Portrait Shoots 

If you'd like a portrait shoot, and will be in Vancouver, let's set up an appointment. I'm usually booking at least a week ahead.

An average shoot takes 60-90 minutes, with some time set aside for discussion and rests. I may or may not use flash; shooting with natural light is slower and more meditative. I have very nice natural light in the studio midmorning and early afternoon (times varying by season, of course). 

On average during our session I'll shoot about 150-200 images, and then choose about 10% of them to finish processing and pass on to you, at a size or sizes that will suit your intended use. I don't give out entire shoots or raw-format files unless we've made prior arrangements. I put the files on a server for you to download, so don't worry about size limits on email attachments, or physical media.

Unless we have previously agreed otherwise, you are free to use these images, unaltered, for any personal non-commercial use. For example, it's fine to use these images for your personal profile online, on Flickr, or Tumblr, but not in advertising and not to sell. You may not pass these rights on to a third party.

A word of warning about Facebook: the Terms of Service there specifically grant Facebook unlimited rights to use, sell, and alter anything you upload, and I specifically DO NOT grant FB that permission.

If you want to use the images commercially, we will need to negotiate a written agreement allowing you the rights to publish and outlining the specific circumstances of use. There may be an additional fee involved. This all happens beforehand, so there will be no last minute surprises for either of us.

If you'd like a portrait shoot but money is tight, consider doing some stock photography work with me. We'll negotiate a shoot where you get what you need, and I'll get some images I can sell as stock. There will be two release forms to sign, one mine, and one for Getty.

Who do I shoot? Anyone, as long as they are able to give informed consent to being photographed. For adults, nude/erotic is fine but I absolutely will not shoot commercial porn (anything to be sold to a porn distributor), so don't ask. A limited amount of retouching is no problem but I'm not your best bet if you want to look 20 years younger and 20 kg lighter. I won't do body morphing. 

Please don't show up very drunk or stoned, it just doesn't work well. Pot in particular makes your eyes red and bloodshot and It's hard to fix that in colour photos. I also won't shoot you in a real service uniform (for instance military, police, firefighter) unless you're a member of that service and the photos are to be used respectfully.

A basic shoot, as described above, is $250, which includes shooting time and a similar amount of processing time. I prefer cash or paypal.



I'm happy to work with the needs of any publication; pricing will depend on the nature of the work required.



Meaning fairs, festivals, meetings, conferences, and weddings: not my strong suit. If I can help out friends or nonprofits, sure, but depending on your needs I can recommend other people who are better equipped to handle this kind of work. In Vancouver, check out John Pope - www.johnpopephotography.com