Right now it's a Nikon D810, with various Nikon lenses and flash units, post-processing in Photoshop on a Mac. I also occasionally use a vintage Super Takumar 50 mm ƒ/1.4 lens attached to the camera body with adaptors, which is great fun. I'm not a tech wizard, but if you have specific technical questions I can most likely refer you to someone who knows better than I. If you have general questions about digital photography, I recommend poking around here or on Wikipedia.


Stock Photos

Stock photos are available through Getty. Or of course, contact me directly.



Most of my recent gallery quality prints have come from Moon Photo in Seattle. Highly recommended. If you'd like to buy a print of anything you see on this site (or any of my others) please let me know.

At the moment I'm not set up for print-on-demand. I usually make a calendar every year, right now I'm using Redbubble for that; the print quality seems to be quite high. I occasionally make promo items via Moo, which I've quite enjoyed using.



The issue of digital copyright and fair use is contentious and we are in the midst of figuring out how we as a culture can deal with it. If someone copies one of my images and uses it for hir own enjoyment - desktop background or whatever - that's fine with me. Post it on your personal (not business) tumblr if you like, but don't remove the copyright notice; and if you can't find a copyright notice, write one. Like this: (c) Bill Pusztai 2015. What I want is for people to be able to find me if they'd like to buy images or a shoot.

If you represent a nonprofit or a community group of any kind, write to me and we can most likely find a way for you to do what you want.

If the image is being used in advertising, to adorn a blog posting that is making money via advertising, or any other sort of commercial activity, I want payment. I'm open to other artists using my images as a starting point for their work, but slapping an Instagram filter on it is not good enough, and I will pursue it as copyright infringement. If I find my images on your tumblr/reddit/flickr etc with the copyright removed, the image distorted, or an ugly Instagram filter applied, I will file a DMCA notice. Sorry if that seems like overkill but I'm done wasting my time writing polite letters every time I find someone doing it; as well, tumblr doesn't offer a way for you to delete reblogs of your postings, so you couldn't do the job yourself anyway. And well ... if your online ego is dependent on posting porn? maybe you should try making your own.


Facebook and Instagram

are a problem. Their Terms of Service explicitly state that they can use, re-use and alter anything you post there. Yes, that's right, ANYTHING - words, pictures, ideas, names, dates. If you post a picture of your face it could conceivably end up in an ad for Depends. So when Joe reposts my work to Facebook, he is nominally giving FB/IG the right to use it, but he doesn't own that, I do, and unless they are paying me, I don't grant FB/IG any rights whatsoever. I don't know what the solution is here, but please be aware of the issue.